TECO+Partners is a Italian enterprise, specialized in architecture, engineering, urban planning, interior design and landscape planning. TECO+Partners has been operating in Bologna since 1994, in Middle East (Bahrain, Quatar) since 2014.
As we enter our 22 year of business, we employ … architects, … constructional engineers, ……. and …. trainees.

We work on projects in all phases, from pilot studies and surveys to finished construction documents. The office has extensive experience working with both renovation and new construction.

Our engineers develops structural and technological designs with innovative technology, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our clients are private businesses, government authorities, municipalities, real estate developers, building contractors, and private individuals.

The company was founded in 1994 and has grown rapidly specializing in the design of sports facilities
Since 2004, the range of projects broadened by associating a group of architects specialized in residential design, urban planning ….
Today, 22 years later
We are now a leading problem-solver in architecture, engineering and urbanism
We have built acclaimed sport centers, educational complex, ….

Architectural Design
Structural Design
Architectural Design
Architectural Design
Architectural Design
Architectural Design
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Cabine da spiaggia
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